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Full Name: Ki Chelan

Age of Death: 2

Cause of Death: Short version: terrible friends. See, this one night, she was out with her friends barhopping. They, naturally were really drunk. She was also quite drunk, but less so. They were screwing around, she was like "I don't know you morons", and then she was behind them crossing the street and got hit by a texting driver. The moral of this story is always wear bright colors.

Gender: Female

Class: Resident

Personality: Ki is kind of a grump. She has barely been in the afterlife, and she is already 1000% done with it. She thought that the afterlife would be less annoying, but instead she's stuck with an overly-cheerful loon. Who also keeps dragging her out of bed to do things like socialize. She'd much rather sleep until everyone is less annoying. (this isn't going to happen)

Despite herself, Ki is very loyal. She'll never admit to it, but once you've earned her friendship she's impossible to get rid of. Even if she will complain the whole way.

Past Life: Ki's early life was pretty boring. Her mom died when she was pretty young, and her dad was always away on business, so she was instead raised by a series of nannies until she was around 13, and convinced her dad she'd be fine on her own. She then proceeded to be extraordinarily boring and get good grades and read a lot for a couple years.

When she was 15, she was approached by Autumn in the school library. Then known for being a bit of a party girl, Autumn approached Ki with the idea that if she approached the lamest person possible she'd be able to properly reform. Ki, naturally said fuck off, and a year later they were best friends for life.

Neither of them magically became well-adjusted, but somehow pulling each other out of their comfort zones had a balancing effect on both girls. Ki made more friends, and Autumn began doing less...flagrantly inadvisable things. Though she did gain an interest in what she called witchcraft. Both of them got girlfriends, but Autumn developed a highly functional harem, while Ki had a messy breakup that she never quite got over, and it tainted all her ensuing relationships until her death.

Teal deer- grumpy introverted lesbian
The thing she misses most from life is her pet ferret, Persephone and somewhat resents her loon for percieved taking her place.
Her type is athletic blondes, boobs don't matter
She has roughly 0 interest in fashion and if let to her own devices would gel her hair down into boring manageability and wear sweats all the time. She lost a bet with Autumn ensuring she'd at least swipe on some mascara and change into real people clothes. If she's not keeping to it it means she is in a very bad mood.
Also, she swears a lot.
She's kinda far-sighted, but mostly wears the glasses out of paranoia. (also that's not a stylistic thing, they're tinted)
She's kinda pissy her death was so dumb.
She is super fond of overly greasy food. Her metabolism was magic.



Name: Hecate (named for both connection to witches (Autumn) and the Hellenistic underworld (Persephone)

Level: 1

Personality: Naturally, Hecate is cheerful, bouncy, and sociable. Just about nothing fazes it, and it likes to drag Ki out of bed and force her to mingle among the populace.
Hecate loves bright colors, and will salvage bits of cloth and cheap jewelry and things as much as possible. It also has quite the collection of wigs and hats, but prefers to wear the more ridiculous ones. It quite likes makeup.

The wig lights up.
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January 4, 2013
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