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Brookview Expression Meme by Ferret-X
Brookview Expression Meme
FACES! All the faces! (I can't be trusted around expression memes, lmao)
I feel kinda guilty about it but the scared face is my favorite...… yep
Blue Brookview App by Ferret-X
Blue Brookview App
Bullet; Green Timezone: GMT -5/US Eastern Time (but my sleep schedule is so erratic, who knows)
Bullet; Green Full Name: Blue Glimmerscale
Bullet; Green Gender: fairly solidly female, but also has a somewhat loose grasp on gender norms
Bullet; Green Species: Demon Cat (with a little bit of dragon in her ancestry, but not enough to really do anything)
            Demon Cats are a type of minor demon, that in their default form resemble cats with horns, wings, manes, and usually somewhat unnatural coloring. Pretty much all demon cats can shapeshift between their "default" housecat form, and a larger form that resembles some kind of big cat. "Higher" demon cats have a "furry" form as well. Blue's shapeshifting magic is unusually advanced for a demon cat, as she can customize it as much as she likes. She also has a minor mutation where her wings are short a "finger".
Bullet; Green Birthday: unknown, but she celebrates 4/1 because the holiday appeals to her sense  of humor
Bullet; Green Age: equivalent to 15/16ish for a human
Bullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; Blue
Bullet; Green Class Year: 2nd
Bullet; Purple Main Classes [you can pick up to 3 classes]
Bullet; Purple Clubs : [you can sign-up for 1-3 clubs]
Bullet; Purple Sports: [you can sign-up for 1-2 sports]
Bullet; Purple Dorm: 
Bullet; Yellow RP Method: whatever, I tend to use script for silly/cracky stuff, usually default to para
Bullet; Yellow Best RP By: dA chat probably
Bullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; Blue
Bullet; Green Special Abilities:
   *Shapeshifting - Blue has limited shapeshifting, that can range in mass about from a small cat to an average human. Her shapeshifting is approximate rather then precise, so she can not make exact copies of people - she can try, but it'll wind up based more on her perception of the person, making them somewhat of a caricature. Her 'base' forms are easier for her to assume - a small maned housecat with wings/horns, her 'furry' shape, and a 'demon' shape which is more of a leopard. She also tends to revert to her base forms when under stress or just if she gets too distracted, occasionally minor shapeshifting will mirror her mood (becoming smaller if she feels threatened, longer teeth when angry, et c.) Her 'standard' form among humans is her catgirl shape above with 'chibi' rather then full sized wings for space purposes. She can ditch the ears/tail/wings if she has to, but doesn't like to, as eliminating her tail and wings entirely feels strange (she just thinks the ears look cute). It's a combination of her feeling like she fits in better, and also low-key showing off. "Humanoid" is really the main alt shape she's got the hang of.
 *Teleporting - Blue's other main ability is her teleporting, that she usually calls poofing because it's easier to say, ie 'lemme just poof in here'. How easily she can do so varies, with a few feet requiring barely a thought, and a few miles taking a bit more preparation. She can take other living things with her, but again, it takes some concentration. She can use her affinity for this kind of magic to build a fairly decent gate given enough resources. She'll get tired eventually, but if it's short distance teleports it'll take awhile. It usually leaves a cloud of sparkly pink smoke, that dissipates in about a minute. She can turn it off, but again it takes more effort.

Bullet; Green Likes: catnip, weird bugs, plants, interesting people, shiny objects, dairy products, laser pointers, warm places to sleep, fuzzy blankets, boxes

Bullet; Green Dislikes: being bored, being alone (not to an 'has issues with it' degree, she just prefers to be around others if she has a choice), getting wet,  

Bullet; Green Personality: Relentlessly cheerful and energetic, it's rare to catch Blue in a bad mood. She'll very rarely take people being mean to her personally, and usually gets interested in why they're mean to her. In fact she finds people in general interesting! She's also bad at general social etiquette, and has no idea why you shouldn't just follow people around to see what they do next. Also personal space. Friendly people will probably be flopped on.  Sometimes not friendly people will find her being way too friendly with them. Cats. If someone does try and bully her, her natural reaction is to pull some sort of fairly harmless but annoying prank.

Bullet; Green History: Blue was born to a completely normal demon cat, with completely normal siblings. Like many demon cats, her mother was fairly solitary, and lived isolated from other sentients for the most part, except occasional travelers. All went well, but one traveller left behind a book on magic as a hospitality gift. One day while she was out hunting, her children got into it. Her siblings got bored fairly fast, due to not really being able to read, but in spite being illiterate, Blue managed to work out how to summon a demon much more dangerous then the typical demon cat, and especially then the typical baby demon cat. Fortunately, before any of them were fatally injured, their mother returned and managed to drive the demon out, but not after it had done some good damage to a few of them. Furious at the latest in a series of escalating incidents, she kicked Blue out. 
   For awhile, Blue wandered around aimlessly, and somehow managed to not get eaten by anything else, but was also slowly starving due to that she was hopelessly bad at hunting, and had to work out what plants and bugs she could eat. Fortunately for her, she managed to wander into the territory of a dragon, Yorin Glimmerscale, who took pity on the waif of a cat, and decided to feed her and hear her out. After hearing her story, he realized she had a great deal of potential to be able to work out how to summon a demon just from that, and decided to adopt her. After that, Blue became if anything even more sheltered from other people in general. Not from any intentional design, but because Yorin's home was simply very isolated. He did teach her to read though, and she spent a lot of time watching movies and things because she was kinda starved for anything resembling social interaction. No internet though, isolated location.  As she got older, he started taking her into more trips to towns, but even after she figured out how to teleport there herself, they were still rare due to distance. Then there was an... incident with a cult and a zombie, and some elves, and at that point it really seemed like she needed to have more experience with the world a large. So school it was.
Bullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; BlueBullet; RedBullet; BlackBullet; Blue
Bullet; Green -Additional Information:

*a lot of the time Blue will refer to herself in third person, largely because she thinks it's cute. She can be pretty inconsistent about it, especially in tenser situations

*when she first started having more contact with humans, she was a bit racist (specieist?) about them due to her status as a 'superior' demon, and after getting exposed to a few rather extraordinary humans she tends to assume to far in the OTHER direction of what normal humans are capable of.

*she's got a lot of spending money from the whole 'father is a dragon' thing.

*she can fly when her wings are full-size but not very well.

*she's 5 nothing

Adora Prof by Ferret-X
Adora Prof
OC blog -
Original art - probably like 2012 or something, she started off as a Vulpix gijinka, lmao
Autumn prof by Ferret-X
Autumn prof
OC blag -
2006 art -… that's the oldest I have posted, pretty sure I have older and more terrible drawings of her though


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My kitty baby <3

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