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elves? catgirls? dragons? WE GOT EM


Species Sheet Demon Cat
They're basically cats with horns/wings/manes and three forms.

Main/default form - just a cat furry. This is the only form they can talk in.

Secondary/Big Cat form - tends to resemble some kind of big cat and is about the same size as their furry form. Switching between the two comes very easily and naturally to most demon cats. In addition, they have an unusually well developed and thumblike dewclaw compared to a normal cat. Usually has very pronounced canines.

Tertiary/Small Cat form - looks like some kind of housecat. Switching into this form takes somewhat more effort/concentration/skill then the first two. Learning to ride a bike vs learning to crawl.

Markings - consistent across all three forms, they may resemble those of any cat breed or species. If a cat can have it, a demon cat can have it.

Coloring - somewhat realistic colors are more common, but can be literally anything.

Manes/Hair - more similar in texture to a lion's mane then human hair. Tends to be somewhat stiff and wiry at best. While usually resembling human hair in placement, fuller coverage occurs and is more common in males.

Horns - two, excepting mutations. Whatever shape, horn colored.

Common mutations - polydactyly, wingless, hornless, maneless, curled fur/mane (rex), hairless, bob tail, folded/curled ears


Shapeshifting - while a few rare demon cats can't shift at all, and are stuck in either their furry or big cat forms permanently, a few have more advanced abilities. The ability to hide/enhance demon traits aren't uncommon, and a few have the ability to resemble other species entirely.

Durability - not particularly more durable then a normal cat, as demons, they're resistant to long-term damage. Signs of physical damage such as scarring, will fade completely in time, unless it does some kind of soul damage or something. This includes injuries that would probably prove fatal to mortals, but they're still going to be laid up while regenerating.

Telepathy - many demon cats have some form of projective telepathy allowing them to communicate even in more feline forms. In some it takes more aggressive forms, allowing them to read the minds of others, or even control them.
Species Sheet Chaos Elf
weird cat elves

Overall Body - average in the 6-7 foot range the way humans do in the 5-6 foot range, and have no notable size difference dimorphism. Body hair is basically minimal and the most you'll get unless they're of mixed human descent is maybe sideburns.

Skintones - chaos elves can possess all human skintones, with the addition of a few more purple ones

Blood - the less human heritage a chaos elf has, the more purple the blood. Even at their most mixed it still has a weird pinkish cast.

Hands/Feet - retractable claws instead of nails, and only four toes on their feet. The claws on their feet are both bigger and don't retract as fully. Feet are digitigrade.

Eyes - pupils are similar to a cats, and change with light accordingly. Most of the time they appear more oval. They have a reflective backing similar to a cats as well. Eye colors tend towards brighter jewel tones, but may be lighter or darker then shown. Brown eyes do not happen.

Hair - has an almost iridescent quality, and tends to be pretty fluffy. Again, no brown hair. Even 'blonde' chaos elf hair tends to look a bit different then blonde human hair.

Ears - long and pointy. Movie more up/down then back/forth. Don't really have earlobes.

Teeth - somewhat catlike, and much pointier then a humans. Upper canines usually protrude when mouth is shut.

Digestion - much more carnivorous then humans, somewhat more like a dog then a cat. Prone to food intolerances anyway.

Reproduction - only fertile for a bit out of every 10-30 years, goes for both sets of junk, couples around each other will synchronize.

Lifespan - age much slower relative to humans, stop showing signs of visible aging in adulthood and then just?? keep going?? elves.

Allergies - iron (usually minor), many over the counter painkillers (if a cat can't take it, a chaos elf cant take it)

Hair color names - blonde, flame, orange, wine, lilac, rose, pink, violet, lavender, indigo, blue, navy, ice, cyan, turquoise, teal, mint, seafoam, grass, forest, white, silver, grey, black

Eye color names - acid, seafoam, turquoise, blue, violet, pink, red, yellow


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